What is the Visseiro Technology?

Measurement Metrics

Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

Respiration Rate and Amplitude


Visseiro in a Nutshell


The VISSEIRO system is a component for integration to seating furniture for the implicit monitoring of physiological vital parameters (heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and respiratory amplitude).

What does the VISSEIRO system look like?

The technology can be combined with existing structures by using sensors of variable size. In real time you can implicitely measure vital signs without direct skin contact. This even works through clothing.

Which vital signs?

Currently, the VISSEIRO technology measures heartbeat, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and amplitude with very high data accuracy. Further vital signs are under development.

How can the VISSEIRO system help?

By using contactless, long-term measurements during daytime the system can immediately detect critical changes in vital signs. These can then be used for proactive alarm and induce adaptation of the patient’s treatment plan.

What are the advantages of implicit measurement?

The implicit measurement is particularly well suited for contactless long-term monitoring of physiological vital parameters during resting periods. The advantages of the method compared to an ECG or pulse oxymetry are, that there is no direct contact between human and sensor. As a result, the daily routine and comfort for the user remain unaffected, while at the same time long and short-term trends of the vital parameters are recognized.

Possible Applications

The Visseiro technology for contactless vital sign Measurement in various possible scenarios

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